Suspected of harboring ill-gotten gains, he was forced to reveal to the law where approximately $10,000 being deposited to his account every week was coming from.

What they learnt gave him newfound respect, an opportunity to change the life of an unlikely protégé, and the inspiration to share his once selfishly-held money-making secrets with you!

Proof #1: '1-day Profit Bump' Method:

1560% increase in profits in just 1 day!

Proof #2: 'Opinion Income Pump' Method:

$3652.49 in just 3 days!

Dear Friend,

My name is Frank Michaels. I’m a part-time affiliate marketer. I say 'part time' because I spend only, perhaps, 30 minutes a day running my Internet marketing business.

And, on the last Friday of May '09, I got a call from an official at my local bank saying they wanted to interview me about irregular activity in my account.

(Mm hmm...I had an idea what this was all about.)

When I got there, I was introduced to said bank official, a detective from the fraud squad, and an internal auditor.

Turns out they wanted me explain where the weekly deposits of approximately $10,000 to my account were coming from. Fact is, I've been dumping money like that in my bank accounts since 2008 as you'll see later in a screenshot below.

Understandable... especially for someone whose bank account had been opened just about 2 weeks ago, this sudden surge of weekly, eye-popping deposits to a fresh account raised a red flag.

Sure enough...

They Suspected I Was Laundering Money!

So now I had no choice: I had to 'fess up.

It took me all of 2 hours to explain to them what my after-work hobby was all about. And when I was done explaining, they all looked at (and spoke to me) with grudging respect.

I left there with mixed feelings.


Because, on one hand, I was intoxicated by the reaction I'd gotten from them. But on the other, I didn’t want anyone to know my secrets.

Selfish? Yeah, you could say that.

But What Happened The Next
Day Was Even Weirder.

I received a call from the very same bank official who interviewed me, offering to pay me $5,000 (what?!) to work one-on-one with him, at his home, after work, to clock the kind of figures I was making.


Here is a high-ranking bank official who, by all accounts, seemed like the perfect picture of success. He had a 2009 BMW; he was a heavyweight in the local business community; he was a stand-up guy in the community.

He seemed fulfilled.

But, really, he wasn't. He wanted something more. Something different. And I gave it to him.

He Paid Me $5,000 And I Taught Him
How To Make BIG Money Using MY System!

The 1st week he put everything to the test, it put $1,670 into his Paypal account!

The next, $1,250.

And the next, $2,450.

He was making money at will! On autopilot. Non-stop. Everyday. And he was loving it!

Yes! I Want This Money Too!

And you know what?

I didn't feel so bad sharing my secrets after all.

Because I was seeing firsthand how what I'd discovered was changing someone’s life and, truly, the feeling was overwhelmingly addictive.

It was never my intention to come out in the 'open'. I've been marketing online since 2006 and make BIG BUCKS since 2008:

(*results atypical and cannot be taken as the average earnings)

Now, I Want To Share My System
With As Many People As Possible!

And that includes you!

At one point, I was just like you.

At a crossroad. Nervous. Undecided. But I took the plunge. And I'm glad I did.'m living the lifestyle of my dreams!

For example...

During the past nine months, I’ve taken four 10-day vacations with my wife, kids and parents all paid for by affiliate marketing.

When I travel, I don’t fly economy anymore. Strictly first-class. Sometimes I can’t help but notice the envious glances of passengers who have to pass through first-class to get to economy, remembering that I once used to do the very same thing.

I don’t use my credit card if I don’t have to. Apart from sticking to my rule that I "spend only what I have", nothing beats the gagged expression on a sales clerk’s face when I say I’ll pay for a high-ticket item with my debit card...

...or the reaction of the auto insurance agent who asked, “Will you be paying in installments as usual, Mr. Michaels?” To which I replied: “No, I’ll be paying all of it.”

I don’t flinch when unexpected expenses pop up.

I don’t scrimp to get through the week.

I donít worry about eating out less to save up for that 'toy' I've been eyeing.

Life Is Good!

Isn’t this what you want too?

To pay for anything you want without second-guessing your decision?

To shatter peoples' perception of you when you walk into a luxury store?

You can! And it doesn’t matter if you're as green as turnips, or if you've been around the block a few times, you'll be shocked at how money will flow to you once you implement my strategies.

Well, here's yet more proof that I'm indeed the real deal...this coming from the horse's mouth so to speak. I'm the top 1% of Internet Marketers on Clickbank:

Not only am I the top 1% for vendors (Premier program), I'm also in the top 1% for affiliates! (Apex program)

The Apex and the Premier programs are only for the top 100 vendors and affiliates in Clickbank. Bear in mind there are over 100,000+ active affiliates and vendors on Clickbank...and I'm one of those at the top of the moutain.

I'm not boasting. I'm just trying to show you I know my stuff. I mean, how many marketers out there can actually prove that they are recognised by Clickbank as a top dog?

Enough said.

If you're as driven as I think you are, if you crave living life completely on your terms, you'll find all my money-making strategies revealed in...


I'm Ready To Enjoy The Money & Lifestyle That
Comes With Putting These Secrets Into Practice!

I dub it "secret" because, until I revealed to the officials what I was doing, only my wife knew how much I was cleaning up online.

If you were making this much money, I don't think you'd want the whole world to know about it either. But, as you read above, I had a change of heart. And, now, it's your turn to get access to 'em. Before get to that, listen to what, arguably, one of the world's BEST Internet marketer has to say about me:

"If you wanna make money online,
listen closely to what Frank says."

"Hey Frank, I'd like to commend you on the wonderful work you've put
into 'Secret Affiliate Income'. I thought your methods were comprehensive (and yet direct without fluff) like no other course out
there. There is not a single bit of recycled hash. I can also verify with absolute certainty that your methods work.

They have worked well for me banking in millions of dollars, they have worked well for you as well Frank and I see no reason why it
can't work for any one else! In fact, I'll make sure my subscribers sit up and take notice of 'Secret Affiliate Income'. It'll only do them good.

If you wanna make money online, listen closely to what Frank says."

Chris X & The DJK Team
Numerous #1 Clickbank Best Sellers...


" a lot of methods that doesn't
require money to make money!"

"Hi Frank, thanks for contacting me about 'Secret Affiliate Income'. I'll definitely be shouting this out to my valued subscribers and students.

Why? Simply because of the fact that your system is something that affiliates can genuinely use and make money with...fuss-free and stress free. MOST importantly, you show a lot of methods that doesn't require money to make money! Nice :)

Mo Latif

WARNING! Some of my methods are not conventional. Hardly!

But I can guarantee you this: You will NEVER look at affiliate marketing the same again, especially with all the social networking that’s going on. It’s a whole different ballgame now than it was 2 – 3 years ago.

Fact is, if you’re not using some unconventional methods and STILL using the 'standard' kind of affiliate methods, you’re leaving a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY on the table!

Secret Affiliate Income covers all that, handing you stealthy methods and strategies that will thrust you quantum leaps ahead of the game, drastically slashing the learning curve and time it will take your campaigns to kick into gear!

Here's an email from Harry, a very happy customer:

"I actually made $517.69 yesterday!"

"Hey Frank, I know it's not a lot but I thought I'd just share with you my latest results. I actually made $517.69 yesterday! Yea I know it might not sound a heck lot to you but compared to making $0 its a big leap! This is my first ever 3 digit day!

I'm SO SO SO grateful to you! I really am. Of the many courses I've bought, this is the one that really made a diference to me!

Hope to be able to be JV with you in the near future, watch out for me :)

Harry Morgan
Chester, Uk


Inside 'Secret Affiliate Income', you'll find ingenious, cash-blasting techniques that will serve you for years to come simply because no matter how many highly-motivated affiliate marketers try them, they simply cannot weaken their money-making power!

So...just to give you a mere "glimpse" of the modules, let's take a peek at some of the secrets you'll discover:


Blueprint To Secret Affiliate Riches

Offline entrepreneurs use business plans as guides to launching multi-million dollar businesses.

Architects use blueprints to build majestic houses.

So, too, in much the same way, I'm going to show you how to formulate your own blueprint in just a few quick, easy steps that will have you off and running in no time flat!

I'm also going to point out certain pitfalls you need to avoid when starting out. I'll outline my mistakes so you don't need to repeat them! Mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars!

Some secrets you'll discover include:

Which products to choose for maximum profit!

How to beat Google (and other search engines) at their own Pay Per Click (PPC) games!

How to 'rig' the Internet to send you targeted, outrageous web traffic from sources you never even know existed!

How to identify niches that are brimming with people who are flush with cash and how to get them to spend!

How to turn Digg, Squidoo, Twitter, Facebook--and a whole host of other social networking sites--into your own virtual goldmine! But you must know how to do it right... I'll show you how!

How to make BIG money off your competitors' opinions! (Covert stuff!)

How to when it's time to make the transition from full-time wage slave to becoming a full-time affiliate marketing machine!

In all, you'll get 54 pages of the essentials you need to start from scratch and shoot to a full-time affiliate marketer in no time.

I'm Convinced! I'm Ready To Grab
Secret Affiliate Income Now!


Secret Top Income Affiliate Sources

What good is having a blueprint if you don't know where the best places are online to execute it?

Having the blueprint is like owning a Lamborgini or a Porsche with just one lane to drive on.

What I'm going to give you are the highways and freeways to open up your new ride on so it can operate at its full peak!

Plug your blueprint into these secret income sources and just literally watch money being deposited into your Paypal or Clickbank account.

WARNING: Once you plug your blueprint in, there's no way to stop the amount of cash coming to you. Once you've crossed this line, you can't go back...

You will discover:

Sneaky ways to use eBay to explode your affiliate income!

Free website resources that reveal what the hottest (and profitable) trends on the Internet are! (

Where to go when you're lazy and want Rolls Royce service at Corolla prices!

How you can supplement your affilate income with easy cash from Cost Per Action (CPA) networks!

Sneaky tricks that will get you accepted into CPA networks with a snap of the finger!

Where to go to get your videos professionally done up to become a viral marketing monster!

And much, much more!



Affiliate Checklist & Workbook:
Your Progress To Affiliate Riches

In less than 30 days, you can execute the blueprint at the top secret income sources outlined, then complete the daily exercises outlined in the workbook.

20 days is all it takes to lay the initial groundwork to creating AUTOMATIC daily income.

Do everything outlined in the checklist and I guarantee you, you will never want for money again!

If you can read simple instructions and complete, on average, five simple tasks daily, you're on your way.

This module keeps blinders on you so you neither look left nor right. You just follow the day to day activities, implement them once, and have affiliate income coming to you from places you never thought possible!



The Secret Affiliate Income 5-Part
Video Tutorial: A Complete,
Step-By-Step Video Guide

Video 1: Getting Started With Your Money-Making Sites

  • 3 types of little-known money-making sites you can start for free!

  • Detailed guide on how to find a hot niche!

  • How layout and design is married to your income!

  • The quickest, easiest way to create and monetize a blog (it's all free!)

  • 3 types of a certain type of webpage which is sure to bring back the cash in very little time.

    (13 minutes 44 seconds)

Video 2: How To Create Cash-Generating Free Blogs

  • Why it's easier to make money with a blog than with a website!

  • The four 4 things which are essential in creating a cash-guzzling blog!

  • The easiest blog to create that comes with a built-in, automatic cash component!

  • Why articles are your blog's best friend!

  • Leave this one thing out of your article headlines and you're toast!

    (13 minutes 53 seconds)

Video 3: How To Create Opt-In Pages

  • The singular most important thing your squeeze page MUST have!

  • Where to find free software online to make killer squeeze pages!

  • Five critical components of a squeeze page that will explode response rates!

  • Case studies of 3 popular squeeze pages used as template to create your own!

    (12 minutes 56 seconds)

Video 4: How To Set Up Your Autoresponders & Promote Them

A case study of creating an autoresponder with one of the best companies on the Internet, manipulating it, and 'rigging' it with strategies to make you money now! Everything you need to know about exploiting it--from start to finish!

(9 minutes 35 seconds)

Video 5: How To Use Audacity & Record Interviews

  • Use this FREE resource to record and edit audio!

  • How to use audio recording to set yourself apart from the competition!

  • Step-by-step demonstration of downloading audacity and how to use it with Skype to make money!

  • How to use Audacity to make a killing in the Warrior Forum! (Warrior Forum is a very popular Internet Marketing forum)

    (6 minutes 35 seconds)

Ok, Enough! Let Me Have

All those modules and videos you've just read about are fashioned off the tutorials I gave to my banker. The exact same thing.

And you remember how much he was making, right?

He displayed his vote of confidence by paying $5,000. That's the value he put on my knowledge.

"...4 or 5 figures even within their
first month of usuage!"

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Frank! I think you've just raised the bar for affiliate marketing products...and this, unlike almost 96% of all the other marketing products out there, actually works!

You've won me and my subscribers over. I've got loads of people reporting in make 4 or 5 figures even within their first month of usage!

Dylan Loh

"One of the best of it's kind we've seen!"

"Secret Affiliate Income leaves no stone un-turned for the marketer. This is seriously good stuff for newbies to advanced marketers alike. If you can't make money using this sytem we really don't know what will!

One of the best of it's kind we've seen! We also liked it for the fact that it has no fluff, it's direct and to the point. ANYONE who can follow simple instructions will be able to make some profit with your system."

Steven Lee Jones & Andrew X

"12 year olds and 70 year olds would have no problems following!"

"CRAZY! You must be mad Frank. (in a good way) You've managed to break down affiliate marketing into simple, clear and easy to follow instructions so much so that 12 year olds and 70 year olds would have no problems following!

This is one mad insane course that will put money into your pockets VERY quickly. I urge anyone still sitting on the fence to trial it out for 60 days. I think you'll be quite amazed! :)

Fantasic work!


J.L & The Copy N Profit/Profit Miracle Team

The question is: How much will you put on it?

How much are you willing to pay to make money like this (from one of my 'set-and-forget' accounts):

(*results atypical and cannot be taken as the average earnings)

You might not be able to hit high 5-figure profits per month right off the bat but...YOU WILL be able to easily reach 4 figure profits within your first month of using 'Secret Affiliate Income'.

I'm supremely confident that you can achieve that.

Copy My System And See
How Much You Can Make?!

Of course, money is relative to people. And, sure, not everyone is like my banker. What is a mere five grand to him is possibly a big deal for you.

So you can forget about that figure.

If you were thinking $197... $147... $127... or even $97...forget about it.

Secret Affiliate Income
Is Yours For Just $77

Harry Morgan (as seen above) hit a $517.69 pay day within his first week of using this.

If you made this on your first week, even in your first month, you'll have made back 672.32% on your money!

Think you could make that in the stock market in one day? ? I don't think so!

But, still, the results are theirs. Not yours.

And I hope you noticed I didn't put an overwhelming number of proof screenshots for you...

Do I frankly think you can make thousands of dollars in your first few days of using 'Secret Affiliate Income'? NO. (Hows that for honesty?)

Do I think you could pump out a few hundred dollars within weeks of using 'Secret Affiliate Income' and eventually move on to make a few Gs every month? ABSOLUTELY without a shadow of doubt.

And besides how much I've made has nothing to do with how much you're gonna make. That is as honest as it can get...I don't think you'll hear this coming from a 'guru' anywhere else.

Call me old school, but...

PROOF, they say, is in
the eating of the pudding.

And you'll never ever know if you can rack up those figures unless you try.

Isn't that true?

Yes, I thought as much.

So here's what I want you to do:

  1. Download Secret Affiliate Income right now.

  2. Read the documents, watch the videos, and implement everything you see in them

  3. And if after 8 weeks, you see no marked change in your income; if you think what I put together was a waste of your time and money; if you think I'm way off the mark...


In fact, let me make it official. Here's my...


Yes, take this simple self study program that reveals exactly how you can become a filthy, rich affiliate at home...

Put Secret Affiliate Income through its paces for a FULL 60 days, exploiting the strategies I reveal.

And if you feel that it's a complete waste of your time. Or you're not happy with the course at all,
I want you to ask for... and get...your money back.

NO questions asked...

There are no "ifs", "ands", or "buts" about it.
If you're not satisfied, I don't want your money.

I stand by it. I believe in it. I know what it can do for you. See what it can do even for experts like Saj. P:

" 100%!"

"Hey Frank,

As you know, I NEVER promote any stuff that don't work to my subscribers.

I can safely say that 'Secret Affiliate Income', after being tested extensively by me and my team works 100%! I can say for sure that if people follow your instructions it will work and make them money regardless of prior experience.

I seriously think this is gonna help a lot of people out there. I loved it!

Saj. P
5 Times Clickbank Best Seller


Now It's Time To
Prove It For Yourself!

I'm confident that as long as you're committed, you simply CANNOT lose.

Within the next 2 weeks... 10 weeks... 6 months... or even a year... thousands of people will get rich online one way or another. That's a fact. Past statistics show that.

And you know what?

Some of those people will be novices to the Internet. But they will, through persistence and dedication, follow everything laid out in a blueprint such as the one you have the power to purchase -- and they will strike it rich online!

And you, who may have been on the Internet for years, are still struggling.

How many success stories have you read of people who started marketing on the Internet less than two years ago who're pulling in 5 figures per month?

Too many, right?

Get it together. It's only $77. And if it doesn't do a thing for you, let me send the money back, ok?

YES Frank! I'd definitely be CRAZY to miss this chance to bank obscene amounts of money using your automatic, stress-free, money-making affiliate system!

I want to know exactly how you rake in the cash day-in, day-out using your secret, powerful strategies and tactics.

I understand that my investment in SECRET AFFILIATE INCOME is $77. And I have no hang-ups whatsoever at spending this measly amount of cash to secure my own copy.

I also understand that I will put SECRET AFFILIATE INCOME through rigorous, exhaustive tests over the next 60 days.

And if I'm not completely satisfied with the results-- or for any reason at all -- I can request a FULL AND QUICK REFUND with no questions asked.

This opportunity is simply too good to pass up, so I'm grabbing my copy right now!

To Outrageous Affiliate Riches,

P.S. Remember-- my SECRET AFFILIATE INCOME techniques are exclusive. You won't find a million and one marketers using them. So, if you're indeed a renegade.... a "player" who's serious about cleaning up all the cash that's being left on the table... come discover the tactics I use to pay myself 5 figures per month-- every month! GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

P.P.S. You've read this far because you want to be convinced my SECRET AFFILIATE INCOME system can change your life. Well, the only way you'll ever find out is if you click the Order link. And I want to reassure you that when you do, you're protected by my brass, bold 60-day money-back guarantee. You will never come out the loser here. So, go ahead, click the link and enjoy the plush possibilities that my system can afford you! GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

"...haven't ditched my day job yet but I think
that is something I'll seriously consider
in the near future."

I'm writing this in to tell you how estatic I am! I'm a Clickbank affiliate since 2008. In late January 2010 I bought 'Secret Affiliate Income' and I've these results to show for:

Sometimes I pinch myself when I log in to my Clickbank account. I'm so thankful I took the plunge and got Secret Affiliate Income. Although I haven't ditched my day job yet but I think that is something I'll seriously consider in the near future. Prior to Secret Affiliate Income, whatever methods I've tried before simply didn't work!

You won't believe the look in my husband's eyes when I showed him this actually does work.

Btw, following your techniques, I've already set up a few interviews with experts in my niche, I expect to have my own product up pretty soon!

Samantha Fuller
Texas, U.S.A

"...make you money right off the bat!"

"As a blogging expert, I've seen first hand how quick changes in the Internet can open up new opportunities for marketers...I've been in a position to capitalize on that with my years of marketing experience.

Secret Affiliate Income will shave YEARS off your learning curve and, quite literally, make you money right off the bat! His methods are also new and relevant which makes it all the more easier for you to create profits online.

You simply cannot afford to walk away from this!"

Rob Benwell

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